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No Pool Swim Exercises

"What? Practicing swimming outside the water?" COVID-19 has already changed our lives and many of us are trying to be creative living with these new set of rules. As a small business owner and instructor, I had two choices. I either let this situation pass and hope my sessions will start up...


The Power of Bubbles

"Wow! What is this? This is so cool!" What is round and shiny and can capture anyone's attention, no matter what they are doing, just by floating around? You guessed it! IT’S BUBBLES!! When teaching children to become confident and comfortable in the water the first step is ensuring they...


Introduction : My Baby Story

From my pool in my garage, I welcome you to jump in and follow my "Baby Story" while I share with you stunning images and helpful tips. I created Nager pour la vie avec Karina Renaud inc. (Swim for Life) in 2012 as a mission to save children's lives. I educate parents and teachers about...