What is The SwimForce™ Way?

Parent and Baby Online Program

What is The SwimForce™ for Babies Way? 

The swim school Swim with Karina Renaud Inc. was created out of an innate passion and desire to help save lives by teaching young children foundational water skills. Too many children drown each year and Swim with Karina Renaud wants to help change that by getting the proven information out there. That's why we have created the SwimForce™ for babies online program. We want all families, everywhere, to know that learning how to swim is an important life skill that young children are capable of. Knowledge is the key, and this online SwimForce™ for babies program is here to help parents take the lead in fostering essential life long swimming habits. 

The online SwimForce™ for babies program is a unique and innovative approach to online swim instruction that has been created to meet an expressed need in this time of changing technology and with the unfortunate shortage of qualified instructors in the swimming industry. 

We teach you the fundamentals of our exciting approach, you take this knowledge and teach your own babies — all in the comfort of your own home. 

Our program is set up into text explanations and video modules that break down our proven water routine into fun and manageable pieces that can be implemented almost anywhere a parent and baby can get into the water together. 

To begin, we focus on an effective water entry with the baby. Starting with how to introduce baby to water in a way that will encourage them to stay calm and secure, knowing that their most trusted loved ones are at their side. Here, you will learn how to hold baby, how to help them position their bodies for effective support and how to position yourself comfortably while supporting the baby. Through this step of our program, you will learn the importance of the back float position and why and how this is our program’s signature move. You will also learn how this important position will become an essential component in a strong swimmer's foundational repertoire. Once you and baby are comfortable in the water, our program modules walk you through The SwimForce™for babies circuit, a routine that you and baby will practice over and over at each bath or instruction time. These skills can even be transferred to the local pool’s free swim, your backyard pool or that family vacation you have been planning. The skills you learn here with baby, are transferable to many water situations. The more you practice, the more comfortable everyone will be in the water. As you and baby get comfortable in the water, you will learn to focus on breathing techniques and how to teach babies to find a comfortable and effective position to practice these effective breathing techniques. 

We believe that it is never too early (or too late) to start using water to teach, calm and bond with your baby.

Repetition, routine and perseverance are essential components to our unique program and each step has been carefully created and sequenced with proven results, rave reviews, and long waitlists. We are so excited to share it with you in this exclusive online format. 

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