Tips and Tricks for Helping a Resistant Baby

Tips and Tricks for Helping a Baby Who is Resisting

  • Don’t stay on one new skill too long. Count to five and move to the next step. 
  • Talk to baby the whole time. Explain to them what is happening. 
  • Stop, relax and let baby have a close cuddle while you cover them with water using your hands. 
  • Be animated and make all the things seem new and exciting. 
  • Celebrate when they do something without resisting/complaining. 
  • Build trust with baby, don’t be too silly or splash too much that they get a fright. 
  • Acknowledge when they have big feelings, but know that they can work on floating even with them. 
  • Take breaks and do something fun to distract them.
  • Get bubbles you can blow. 
  • Do not use bubble bath or other soaps as they will make it harder to float in the water without getting soapy eyes. 
  • Plan for them, bring their favourite toy, know when they will be tired and hungry and get in the water at a good time for them. 
  • Always end each session on as happy a note as possible.  
  • :) Smile.