You can do The SwimForce™ Way

Parent and Baby Online Program

You can do The SwimForce™ for Babies Way

Many parents question if they have what it takes to teach their babies in the water. 

This SwimForce™ for babies program is here to give you the practical skills to answer that question with a confident: "YES I CAN!" 

All you need to get started is: 

  • The willingness to learn something new. 
  • The ability to be somewhat comfortable in the water or sitting in the bathtub with the baby. 
  • A somewhat consistent schedule in which new water skills can be practiced regularly. (10-15 minutes once or twice a week.)
  • A bathtub, some towels, a few small bath toys and maybe some bubbles. 
  • A strong will to challenge the baby to push past difficult learning curves and preserver to learn new swimming skills. 
  • The belief that young children can learn early swimming skills! 
  • A wifi-enabled device. 
  • A baby. 

That’s it. We bring the rest to you, right into the comfort of your own home.

We have created and compiled everything you need, right here, at the click of a button. Our online program brings you an easy to follow format that will give you the knowledge and confidence to introduce, practice, and maintain a safe water routine with your baby. While you complete this online program, not only will you and your baby be having a good time together, but your baby will be building the foundation for future success in the water, from you! 

Through a hands-on approach, we help you answer the questions "is my baby able to learn these skills at such a young age? what is the ‘real’ benefit to early water integration? how can I help teach my baby to swim? and even, "my baby hates bath time, what can I do to make this time of the day easier?"

Our unique program will give you the confidence to introduce baby to a water routine, develop a trusting and respectful relationship with water situations, and fosters the development of important early habits in the water. 

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