Why The SwimForce™ Way?

Parent and Baby Online Program

Why The SwimForce™ for Babies Way? 

Introducing your baby to the water using this unique online SwimForce™ program teaches parents to: 

  • Encourage your baby to build important brain connections.
  • Provide stimulating sensory experiences for baby in the comfort of your own home. 
  • Teach baby new skills in a quiet and familiar environment.
  • Strengthen bonds with your baby as they learn new skills, sing songs, and try something new.
  • Build trust between the \parents and the babies as they learn to develop confidence in water situations. 
  • Have control over the environment, water temperature, and the cleanliness of the facilities. 
  • Choose timing that works with your own schedule. (Works around whichever combination of nap schedule your baby is currently choosing!) 
  • Participate in a great activity with your baby, even when it might be freezing temperatures outside!
  • Build a skill base and comfort in water situations. Feel more confidant joining other parent-tot swim programs or joining free swim at your local pool.
  • Use techniques to help calm a fussy baby. 
  • Gain confidence in handling your baby in the water. 
  • And MORE…. take away life long swimming skills that will serve in all future water situations. 

For all SwimForce™children and parents, each lesson will be an opportunity to learn to respect the water, stay safe and find joy in being in the water together.

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