Introduction to the Back Float Hold

The Importance of Learning to Float

The back float is an essential element of the Swim for Life with Karina Renaud program, and The SwimForce™ for babies method provides the important foundational skills by implementing this practice from the beginning. Learning this skill allows children to float on their back, while maintaining a relaxed and hydrodynamic body position.While floating on their backs, children will learn that they can catch their breath or take a break. The back float will become their “safe place”. This position is great for babies as it avoids any unnecessary water from getting in their face and/or swallowed and it is a great way to help them strengthen their core muscles too. 

We strongly believe that when a young child has the capacity to float on their back, it buys them time in an emergency situation and is a potentially life saving skill. Not only that, having the skills to float on their back serves as an essential building block for future experiences working on proper swimming stroke techniques. 

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