Core Competencies of SwimForce™ for Young Children

Core Competencies

The SwimForce™ for babies program prepares families by teaching them with a focus on the following core learning competencies:

Water Responsibility

Upon completion of the SwimForce™ for babies program, parents and babies will be able to approach water situations equipped with beginning knowledge, confidence and respect for water. 

Key Components: 

  • Respect: Yes, swimming is fun, but water is dangerous. Babies learn to respect that water is a big deal, they can't just "jump in". Parents learn to be attentive and plan for water situations. 
  • Knowledge: Parents and babies learn how to approach water with care. They practice skills and focus on proper body positioning. 
  • Confidence:  The SwimForce™ for babies program is designed to equip our families with the skills to be confident and careful around water by offering them a strong foundation of early swimming skills and a knowledge of how to be respectful with water and baby. 

**Water respect and safety is at the core of the SwimForce and Swim for Life with Karina Renaud programs. Parents are encouraged to periodically explain the importance of safety in the water, and the reasons behind why we need to move slow and steady is all aspects of learning to swim.

Emergent Skills

Parents and babies will be able to successfully perform the practice skills in water situations.   

Key Components: 

  • Back Float: Baby will be supported by their parents to float on their back with eyes and chin up. Arms can be behind the head with hands holding their head or out at their sides.  
  • Hand Positioning: Parents use the recommended hand positioning to effectively help them support baby in water situations. 
  • Head Position: Eyes up, chin up, neck straight. Positioning is achieved with support from parents. 
  • Body Positioning: Parents support and encourage a straight body position. 
  • Water Confidence: Babies learn to be comfortable with their parents in the water. 

Preparedness for Future swimming endeavours

Parents and babies will have the confidence and skill to participate in other future swimming opportunities. 

Key Components: 

  • Approaches Water Situations with Caution and Confidence: Swimmers seek and consult adults when entering a pool or beach area.
  • Shows Respect for Swimming Environment: Enters and exits water situations slowly and carefully.  

*The SwimForce™ for babies program never guarantees entrance into other programs.

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